Giving Hope

Little Zambian boy standing against a wall and wearing a "love works" t-shirt.

This young boy was brought to the Mothers Without Borders’ Children’s Resource Center (CRC) from our partner organization, House of Moses, which cares for infants and toddlers. As a baby, he had been found near a pile of charcoal which his mother, who had been struggling with severe mental health challenges, had used as a […]

Celebrating Hope

Zambian woman wearing a graduation cap and gown and smiling.

When this young woman was first referred to our care in 2008, she and her brother were found living with their grandmother. They were severely malnourished and had been expected to work to provide for the family. The children were brought to the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) so they could receive proper nutrition, medical attention, […]

Inspiring Hope

Kathy and Mrs. Chola walking together and talking.

In 2000, our founder, Kathy, met Mrs. Beatrice Chola and was immediately impressed by her kindness, goodness, and humility. Beatrice had left her nursing job to set up a small clinic to slow the spread of Tuberculosis. However, she could see that Tuberculosis was only one in a complex web of problems creating immense suffering. […]