Mission Statement

Our Mission is to offer hope to the orphaned and vulnerable children of our world by nurturing and caring for them, as if they were our own. Our work is focused in Zambia, Africa. Primary areas of emphasis include:

  • Strengthen Families who agree to care for the orphans in their community

    We offer stipends to grandmothers and pay school fees for the children, create family gardens, build housing, offer training in areas of business development and vocational training, employment skills, grief counseling, nutrition and hygiene.

  • Empower Women

    We encourage the formation of Mothers Clubs, teach literacy, offer skills training, and assist with community mobilization to solve problems identified by the local women.

  • Protect and Provide for the Needs of Vulnerable Children

    We offer residential care for children referred to us by the local government in our Children’s Resource Center in Zambia, work with communities and government agencies to re-integrate orphaned children with extended family, offer Primary education for more than 125 children at our school – the Mothers Without Borders Primary School, and Primary and Secondary education sponsorships for students at schools throughout Zambia. We offer vocational training and opportunities for children to contribute to their community in meaningful ways. We provide mentoring from caring adults.

We ship and distribute education and relief supplies throughout Zambia.

We offer volunteer experiences, to assist us with skills training, agricultural improvements, building projects and mentoring children.

Core Values

      • We value every child as an individual of infinite worth.
      • We value the rights of a child.
      • We value compassion, empathy and empowerment.
      • We value a holistic approach to meeting the needs of those we serve. We support programs that address the physical, educational and emotional needs of the child.
      • We value local wisdom. We believe that local solutions to local problems are often the best. We support community-based initiatives.
      • We value service and opportunities to serve.
      • We value respect for others, integrity, honesty and transparency in all our endeavors.
      • We value self-reliance and promote programs that strengthen and advocate individual growth.