Our Partners

Why does Mothers Without Borders partner with other organizations?

One of the ways we seek to help the people of Zambia is by helping them build their capacity. However, we find with Anne Morrow Lindberg that, [Our] lives cannot implement in action the demands of all those to whom our hearts respond.  Because of time and human resource constraints, we are not always able to reach all those we would like to.  For this reason we partner with other organizations that are working to meet the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. Our goal is to help them build their own capacity and expand their reach. In this way, we greatly increase the number of people we can help. We are building a community of caring that extends around the globe.

What kinds of organizations do you partner with?

When we find organizations whose mission supports ours, and are being run by hardworking, honest people who just need a little extra hand, we seek to help in any way we can.  We offer training, relief supplies, and volunteer support. We work with a variety of different organizations.

What specifically are the organizations doing?

One of the organizations we work with is a street kids center.  This center provides shelter, food, and some education for kids who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves on the streets of Lusaka.  There are two centers, one for kids to drop in during the day, and one where the kids can stay overnight.  Together the centers can accommodate up to 75 kids at a time. Mothers Without Borders volunteers go to the center and play with the kids.  Each time we come we bring food to help sustain the center and feed the many kids who come in off the street.

Another of our partners is a home-based care organization working in one of the slums of Lusaka. A local woman named Mrs. Chola formed this organization in 1996.  It started as a community-based response to the problems of tuberculosis among HIV/AIDS patients, and grew into what it is today.  Currently they offer more than 25 different programs to improve the lives of more than 250,000 people. Their programs include helping HIV/AIDS patients, orphaned and vulnerable children, a program emphasizing maternal and child health, a medical clinic, and a primary school and feeding program for 700 children. They are staffed primarily by volunteers who live in the community.

We work with orphanages, community schools, gender equity initiatives, and groups offering school sponsorships.

What kinds of support do you offer to these organizations?

Our support is varied, depending on the needs of the organization.  As mentioned above, we provide food to some organizations and training to others.  We offer volunteer support, educational supplies, clothing and bedding to orphanages, seeds and tools to communities, and recreation equipment to street kid centers, just to name a few. We provide sewing machines, fabric and thread to sewing clubs. Through your generous donations we can continue to help build the capacity of these hard working organizations.

To Donate to any of the partner organizations Mothers Without Borders works with, click Here.