Our Story

Finding herself moved by the plight of orphans in Romania in the late 1980’s, Kathy Headlee started Mothers Without Borders as a way to address the needs of the growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children throughout the world. As Mothers Without Borders has worked in different areas of the world, we have always sought to add value to the communities we are in, while valuing and building local capacity so that each community we touch is better for the contact with us.

Highlights of the Mothers Without Borders story:


In Romania from 1992 to 1996 Kathy and teams of volunteers worked to distribute more than 40 tons of relief supplies they had gathered in the United States to hundreds of orphanages throughout the country. In addition, the volunteers worked in several orphanages to improve their physical facilities and train caregivers.


From 1996 to 2000 we at Mothers Without Borders expanded our reach by collecting and distributing educational and other relief supplies for children in Bosnia, Bolivia, India, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nepal. During this time our volunteers worked to build infrastructure to help women and children in a small village in Bolivia, worked with disabled children in a leper colony in India, and cared for children in orphanages in Guatemala, Mexico and Nepal.


In 2001, we began focusing our attention on AIDS affected regions of Africa. Beginning in Zambia, adding projects in Zimbabwe and Uganda, we worked with local communities and partner organizations to build their capacity and increase their reach. In 2004, we acquired property in Zambia and began construction of The Children’s Resource Center, Primary School and agricultural center. The expansion of this project, along with our continued work to support local organizations serving the growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children throughout Zambia, has allowed us to provide safe shelter and nurturing care to children in crisis, and provide primary education to children in the region. Additionally we have provided secondary education sponsorships to children in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda.


Mothers Without Borders continues the tradition of providing safe and meaningful volunteer opportunities that promote increased understanding and appreciation for our global community, and help our team members discover the vital role each of us can play in making our world better place. Since the creation of Mothers Without Borders, thousands of volunteers have joined our global family, allowing us to offer services to hundreds of thousands of children around the world.