Our Leadership


Get to Know Kathy

Kathy Headlee is a dynamic thought leader who brings together personal growth and community development in a synergistic manner that changes lives around the world. She founded Mothers Without Borders in 1989. Under her direction, Mothers Without Borders has organized and implemented community development projects and volunteer expeditions to Romania, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Bolivia, Taiwan, Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the United States. She spends several months each year living in Africa, overseeing a variety of projects from Mothers Without Borders Regional Headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.

Kathy has developed and created a personal growth curriculum and training program entitled ‘Knowing Love Works’, which focuses on using love and not fear as the motivation for our lives in both personal and professional settings. She lifts her audiences to new levels of awareness and empowerment. The range and impact of her speaking engagements have included presenting to the United Nations on the role of women as agents for social change, to training corporations on the power of love and kindness, to training Ugandan community leaders how to mobilize the power of their communities, and to many additional groups and organizations. Kathy is a popular speaker at BYU’s Education Week, where she has taught for the last 15 years. She is a mother of five children and grandmother of thirteen.

Kathy Headlee

Founder & CEO

Get to Know Josephine

Josephine has a master’s degree in Social Work, a rarity in Zambia, especially for women. She also knows a dozen of Zambian dialects, making her work expansive. She has a talent for remembering everyone’s names, including the hundreds of volunteers that have come to Zambia over the years. These gifts bless the lives of all she serves. She directs all MWB programs in Zambia, ensuring that the children are protected, oppressed voices are heard, and urgent needs are being met first. She works tirelessly to serve others and bring hope to the hopeless.

Josephine is the heart and soul of Mothers Without Borders. We would not be where we are today without her vision and wisdom. She is one of those people you meet and you know your life will never be the same. Jo, as we affectionately call her, is one of the strongest, most powerful, most compassionate individuals the world has ever known. We are grateful to know that there are people like Jo in the world. We are beyond blessed to have her with us.

Josephine Daka

Zambian Country Director

Get to Know Tanner

Tanner is an eternal optimist. Tanner joined the Mothers Without Borders team when he was finishing his Master of Public Health degree from Boston University in 2015. His final project was a needs assessment in the community surrounding the Child’s Resource Center. His research led to the expansion of the Carol Zulu Primary School on our property.

Tanner’s passion for the mission of MWB and his creative problem solving have been a catalyst to increasing our impact with our programs and their expansion. Tanner’s love and appreciation for the community of donors which makes our work possible is contagious. He is always excited to build team and unity and is especially passionate about mentoring our college interns. Tanner’s can-do attitude and enthusiasm brighten the environment even when solving difficult problems. Tanner finds great satisfaction in knowing that his work makes it possible for Josephine and the Zambian team to spread hope and put love to work and change lives, one at a time.

Tanner Crandall

Chief Operating Officer

Get to Know Melissa

Melissa's roots with Mothers Without Borders go back to 1989. When she fell in love with the work they were doing in Romania. This planted a seed for a lifetime love of helping others and loving all of God's children. Melissa has been an International Team Leader, Chair of the Resource and Development Committee, and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for MWB. She is passionate about development work, building community, and travel. She has been married for 36 years has three children and four adorable grandchildren. She loves everything outdoors, chocolate, and family.

Melissa Gardner

Director of Expeditions

United States Staff

Kenra Asay

Financial Manager

Kenra Asay has been with Mothers Without Borders since November 2019 and loves the incredible work that this organization accomplishes—she is thrilled to be a part of it. Kenra has been married for over 25 years and is the mother of eight incredible kids. She has five sons, three daughters, and the cutest little grandson ever! Kenra loves quilting, baking, and reading, but her favorite activity is spending time with her family. ``I have always believed that each new day is an opportunity to make a difference in the world. I invite you to join us in making that difference!``

Alyssa Baer

Impact Evaluation Specialist

Alyssa is a public health intern for MWB and works on projects including graphic design, community outreach, program evaluation—and anything else that comes up! She loves working for an organization where she is pushed to learn new skills with each project—with it all focused on bringing light, love, and hope into the lives of others. Alyssa began volunteering with MWB two years ago and has loved every minute of it—from traveling to Zambia with the May 2019 intern team to designing the 2018 annual report and helping to plan DonorPalooza. ``I feel so blessed to be involved in a work that is so centered on people and so focused on inspiring love and hope. There is so much power that comes from showing up—even if you can't speak the same language, cure a disease or solve the problems of poverty, you can bring yourself and your heart and offer love to those you meet.``

Alyssa is an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University studying Public Health with an emphasis in Health Promotion and a minor in Digital Humanities and Technology (a fancy way of saying graphic & web design). Alyssa has a passion for people, travel, inspiring growth and eating lots of gelato!

Emily Mashburn

Administrative Assistant

Emily is the Administrative Assistant. She works closely with the Expeditions team and the volunteers to prep for the life-changing summer trips. Her childhood spark for nonprofit work came from watching her Granny make dresses and send them to African orphanages and other impoverished communities. She is excited to go to work every day at an organization that helps foster healing enviornments for the most underprivileged children.

Emily graduated from BYU with a degree in Human Development and minors in Nonprofit Management and Business. She has a passion for all nonprofit work that sustainably helps children overcome trauma. In her free time she plays piano, sings, makes baby blankets, and travels. She is always down to learn something new and would drop everything to help a friend.

Chloe Baer

Impact Evaluation Intern

Chloe joined Mothers Without Borders in January 2021 as the Impact Evaluation Intern, working on evaluating our programs to make them the most effective they can be! She is a student at BYU majoring in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Impact. She is inspired by organizations and ideas that make the world a better place, especially by empowering women and children—that’s what drew her to Mothers Without Borders! She truly believes that love is what makes the difference, which is what MWB is all about.

Chloe loves to learn about new cultures and meet new people. She loves basically anything outdoors, especially hiking and finding fun new spots to explore with her husband. She coaches a youth swim team, and enjoys encouraging them to develop good, healthy habits and learn how to work hard. She is so excited to continue working with Mothers Without Borders, and to be inspired by the people who are involved with MWB.

Miriam Hyde

Communications Intern - Prospecting

Miriam joined the Mothers Without Borders team in August 2021 as a Communications Intern. She is currently a student at Brigham Young University studying Sociology with minors in Spanish and International Development. Growing up in the shadows of Manhattan exposed her to great cultural diversity from a young age. In addition, after having the opportunity to travel to various countries, her love for different cultures deepened, and she developed a yearning to help those in need. This led her to Mothers Without Borders, where her desire to love and learn is being exceeded in every way possible.

Miriam also loves to play tennis and the clarinet. She is a big foodie and is constantly on the lookout for pizza that will live up to the pizza she left behind in New Jersey. She is a big believer in the power of gratitude and feels especially grateful for MWB and the amazing people she gets to work with here!

Brittany Clark

Communications Intern - Grants

Brittany found out about Mothers Without Borders during one of her social impact classes at BYU, and is thrilled to be interning with our communication department. Her primary roles include writing articles to spread awareness of our impact in Zambia, and requesting grant funding as a way to support our mission.

She graduated with a degree in Exercise Science in April of 2021. She loves being outdoors and spends all her free time skiing, climbing, backpacking, biking, swimming, and running with her cute husband. Her last few summers have been spent working with various local and international humanitarian organizations, where she developed a love for creating lasting impact, something she hopes to continue learning about at her current position with us. We are happy to add her energy to our team

Board of Directors

Linda Williams

Chairman of the Board

Linda Williams first became interested in MWB after seeing the impact and change of heart that happened to her daughter who served as a volunteer. She wanted to experience this herself and joined MWB as a volunteer team member in 2016. The children of Africa captured her heart and she is committed to giving back to the Zambian people through this amazing organization.

Heidi Goar

Board Secretary

I currently serve on the board of MWB and serve as the secretary to that board. I've been a team member on expeditions to Zambia several times and a team leader at least 3 times as well. I'm very devoted to all my friends in Zambia some I've known for years and some I have yet to meet!! Mothers Without Borders will always be a huge part of my life.
I'm retired from 20 plus years in the medical/nursing profession. Twenty years in the practice of oncology, as well as stints in rheumatology and dermatology. These many years of caring for others have given me perspective and compassion and the gifts I've received from my many, many patients through the years are immeasurable.
I love all things in and within nature and exercise. Hiking is a great passion of mine, and I will find a hike anywhere in the world. I love to travel and experience and I greatly respect all cultures.
I have an amazing family that affords me the luxury to be a bit of a vagabond and supports my great wanderlust.

Shelly Noftle

Resource Development Chair & Deputy Director of Expeditions

Shelly has been with MWB since 2011 when she went on her first team. That experience was so life-changing that she has been involved ever since in various ways including: Team Leader, Team Trainer, Expeditions Coordinator, Board Member and currently as Deputy Director of Expeditions. Shelly is the mother of four children and grandmother of 2. She loves traveling, reading, and getting up to mischief. Shelly has a deep love for the people of Zambia and a passion for making a difference. She resides in Woodinville, WA

Joel Gardner

Finance Committee Chair

Joel is the EVP of Tommy Bahama Sportswear Company. He brings a strong understanding of business operation, finance, and strategy to MWB. Joel serves on the board as Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Joel’s passion for Mothers Without Borders came through the stories and changes he saw in his wife, Melissa, after her first trip to Zambia. However, his desire to help make a difference really took off after his first visit to Zambia. Seeing first hand for himself the impact Mothers Without Borders was having on the lives of so many women and children solidified his commitment to make a difference.

Spencer Hewlett

Finance Committee

Spencer Hewlett is a CPA, worked at Price Waterhouse for 9 years and then worked 18 years as the CFO for the convenience store chain, Maverik. Spencer’s wife, Ann, went on an MWB expedition trip to Zambia in 2012. Two years later, Ann persuaded Spencer to go with her and their two daughters to Zambia. After struggling through the expedition experience for the first 7 days, I met Anthony. Anthony’s story and the impact of MWB on his life, changed my heart. I had recently retired and a few months later, I began volunteering with the organizational, accounting and business side of MWB.”

I believe in the cause of MWB. I believe in the people who run MWB. I believe in the kids and trust in a brighter future for the children being served by MWB.

David Mann

David is a husband, father, grandfather, serial entrepreneur and former Amazon executive. He is growth minded and focuses on building and scaling high performing teams and organizations.

David’s commitment to Mothers Without Borders began in 2017 when his wife Meggin and their three daughters traveled to Zambia. His real passion for this work deepened in 2021 when he traveled to Zambia on a Vision Trip with his wife and other supporters. It was on this trip that he saw firsthand the impact of Mothers Without Borders. David is now fully committed to help an ever-increasing number of vulnerable women and children feel loved, develop hope, gain an education, and climb out of poverty.

Advisory Board

  • Danielle Bowcut

  • Dominica Drazal

  • Kerri Findlay

  • Bryan Holland

  • Teresa Holland

  • Meggin Mann

  • Tonya McBride

  • Michelle Miner

  • Phillip Miner

  • Julie Morgan

  • Allison Stokes

  • Shayne Stokes 

  • Suzie Wiley

  • Mark Williams

Zambian Staff

Mothers Without Borders proudly employs 51 local Zambians! This work is only possible because of their dedication.

Pictures and bios of these wonderful employees coming this Fall