Empowering the Future: The Boys Empowerment Program

In our pursuit to foster inclusive growth and holistic development, Mothers Without Borders proudly champions not only the aspirations of young girls through our Be That Girl program but also recognizes the invaluable potential within our young boys. These parallel programs, Be That Girl and the Boys Empowerment Program, synergize in their mission to challenge […]

Empowering Women to Change the World

Four women smiling together.

I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be. – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie   Women are capable of amazing things, especially if they are able to flourish and grow. Our mission is to enable […]

Celebrating The Zamtsogoro Project’s Launch

Zambian girls standing in a line wearing graduation gowns and throwing their caps into the air.

This month we are excited to celebrate the launch of a new program: The Zamtsogoro Project—a small business loan and mentorship program for future entrepreneurs in Zambia. An extension of our existing youth empowerment programs, this project bridges the gap between education and employment opportunities to prepare young professionals for their futures. This project’s name, ‘Zamtsogoro’, […]

The Chicken Project

Zambian man taking care of chickens in a chicken coop.

As we continue to work in communities devastated by drought and poverty, creating sustainable solutions is of the utmost importance. We are grateful for kind-hearted, committed members of our community who continue to help us work toward our mission of strengthening communities, empowering women & youth, and caring for the most vulnerable for more than […]

Children’s Resource Center Construction Gallery

Employees standing in front of the construction site and inspecting the progress.

BACKGROUND Since its’ establishment in 2004, the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) has provided refuge to more than 338 children who have experienced abuse, abandonment, trafficking, or the death of parents. We provide for their holistic needs: safety, nutrition, education, medical care (including HIV treatment), grief counseling, access to caring adults, skills training, and love. We […]

Hope Through Education

Zambian school girl smiling and wearing a red backpack with other school kids in the background.

As we work toward our vision of communities being supported to care for their children in crisis, we cannot ignore the children who are currently in situations of abuse, neglect, and vulnerability.Established in 2004 on a small rented farm, the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) was home to 11 children. In 2008, Mothers Without Borders built […]

Community School Feeding Initiative

As the COVID-19 pandemic and severe drought in Zambia continue, starvation rates have reached new highs. This immense need has prompted us to respond with food relief and ensure food security through increased agriculture and livestock initiatives. We expanded our work with three of our long-time community partners to provide 310,383 meals for over 3,000 […]

Ganging Up for Girls – Kathy and Cornelia on Their New Partnership

Two Zambian girls sitting in front of a brick wall and smiling together.

Mothers Without Borders (MWB) and Be That Girl Foundation (BTG) are joining forces to support girls in rural Zambia to live a self-determined life. We sat down with Kathy and Cornelia to hear how this partnership came to fruition, what it entails and how it ties in with the missions of their respective organizations: Cornelia […]

A Five-year Partnership to Make Girls’ Dreams Come true

Girls in Zambia smiling wearing their school uniforms and sitting on the porch of the school.

Press Release: A five-year partnership to make girls’ dreams come true Be That Girl Foundation (BTG) and Mothers Without Borders (MWB) are joining forces to support girls in rural Zambia to live a self-determined life.  Founded by Kathy Headlee in 1989, Mothers Without Borders is currently improving the lives of more than 600 schoolchildren and […]

The Water Project

In summer 2019 a team of volunteers came to Zambia to dig a well with the village drill. The trip was successful and resulted in a functioning borehole that is 33 meters deep. The drill will continue to be used in future water projects by MWB and will be leased to a contractor in the […]