End of Year Letters from Kathy and Tanner

Tanner, Kathy, and Josephine smiling and hugging a group of girls in Zambia.

KATHY HEADLEE: FOUNDER Dear Friend, Browsing through my email inbox, this Cyber Monday morning a simple invitation captured my wandering attention. ‘Make the world a happier place.’ I admit to receiving this idea with an odd combination of cynicism, optimism, gratitude and curiosity. For three decades my journey has been one of sharing compassion, better […]

Finding Goodness in the Present

Volunteer in Zambia sitting in front of a group of children eating school lunch.

My time in Zambia changed me in a way that is hard to explain. I think it is one of those things you can’t fully understand until you experience it. And I consider myself so blessed to be one of those people who get to experience it. But because not everyone gets the privilege to […]

Thankful for 2021

Kathy Headlee, smiling with a group of girls in Zambia underneath mango trees.

Dear Friend, In 1989, I approached a small group of friends and asked if they would help me offer much needed supplies, food, and caring attention to a crowded and under-funded orphanage just across the border from our home in San Diego. Their answer was an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ My mind has often wandered back to that generous and […]

A Joy-Filled Trip to Zambia

Volunteer and child holding hands in Zambia.

My trip to Zambia with my daughter, Emily, was extraordinary—eye-opening, joy-filled, heart-wrenching, personally stretching, immensely fulfilling. Flipping through my journal on the first day, I’m reminded of my time at the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) on the first day. So many things touched my heart that day.  This was the day I was excited for; […]

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