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 An Expedition to Zambia with us is:

Personal Growth

You will find your own magnificent self and learn to give voice to the power of love through daily classes and activities as part of our exclusive “Knowing Love Works” curriculum.

Humanitarian Service

You will work side by side with our Zambian staff, play with and mentor children, and serve people of all ages in a variety of locations.

Cultural Exchange

Your senses will be enlivened by the Zambian culture through home visits, drumming, dancing, singing, delicious food, and a trip to an artisan market.

Safe for the whole family

We’ve had the whole spectrum from 8 to 78 years old and often have whole families join us for the experience.

2021 Knowing Love Works Teams

**JUNE A – June 8-17 (10 days, reduced program fee)

Cindy Mason & Jaromy Holland
**FULL for 2021**

JUNE B – June 17-June 30 (14 days)

Bill & Robbie Lawler
**FULL for 2021**

JULY A – July 2-15 (14 days)

Jodi Weidman & Julie McCandless
**FULL for 2021**

JULY B – July 15-28 (14 days)

Melissa Gardner & Carol Winters
**FULL for 2021**

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What is Knowing Love Works?

The Mothers Without Borders experience in Zambia is unique because it partners personal growth with humanitarian service.

We believe that the path to changing the world begins by looking within ourselves and living a life inspired by love rather than fear.

To accomplish this, we spend the first 90 minutes of the day in meditation and training created by “Knowing Love Works’ Life Coaching” which has been licensed exclusively to Mothers Without Borders.

Experiencing the difficult reality of life in Zambia while on a team will allow you to go to a place of vulnerability in a way that will prepare your heart for real growth and change. Our highly trained Team Leaders & Trainers lead with love and create a space for you to journey inside your heart and discover your best self.

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Get Information and Pricing for 2021 Expeditions


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