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 An Expedition to Zambia with us is:

Personal Growth

You will find your own magnificent self and learn to give voice to the power of love through daily classes and activities as part of our exclusive “Knowing Love Works” curriculum.

Humanitarian Service

You will work side by side with our Zambian staff, play with and mentor children, and serve people of all ages in a variety of locations.

Cultural Exchange

Your senses will be enlivened by the Zambian culture through home visits, drumming, dancing, singing, delicious food, and a trip to an artisan market.

Safe for the whole family

We’ve had the whole spectrum from 8 to 78 years old and often have whole families join us for the experience.

Upcoming Expeditions

Knowing Love Works: The Master Class

Combining Personal Growth with Humanitarian Service

JUNE A: Jodi Weidman and Heidi Goar ~ June 1st-15th

JUNE B: Stephanie Goodwin and Alyson Ball ~ June 16th-30th

JULY A: Teresa Holland, Kaitlyn Howell, and Tonya McBride ~ July 6th-20th

JULY B: Carol Winters and Melissa Gardner  ~ July 20th-August 3rd

*Please note, the first date is the day you leave the U.S. The second date is the day your team experience ends and you either leave Zambia or go on leisure travel.

Program Fees & Fundraising

Personal Growth Teams: $2,700

Condensed Personal Growth Teams: $2,200

Special Projects Teams: $2,200

The Project Fees cover all food, lodging, transport, and other costs related to the experience. In addition, $1,000 of the program fee goes directly to fund the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) which you will become very familiar with while in Zambia.

These fees do not include flights or leisure travel which vary significantly in cost. We tell all our volunteers plan on the cost of the full experience to fall between $5,000 and $6,000.

Don’t have that much cash sitting in your bank account? Don’t worry!
There are options!

About 70% of our volunteers raise money to help them cover the cost of the trip


Corporate & Family Teams

 If you are interested in coming to Zambia as a corporation or family, we now offer those types of experiences. Please email for more information.


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