The Miracle of Community: Our Monthly Giving Program

Though they have precious little themselves, all over Zambia communities come together when a child is in need.  Children who become orphans after one or both of their parents die are seen as the responsibility of the community, and the community, often in the form of the neighbors or the village chief, care for the children as their own.

This is when we see the miracle of community.

Sometimes, however, it is no longer possible for the community to take care of the children, and that is when they are sent out.  At Mothers Without Borders, we are always seeking to create that sense of community with the people we serve and with our donors.

To this end, we have recently changed the way we do our child sponsorships.  Rather than sponsoring a specific child, we invite you to support the children at the Mothers Without Borders Primary School and our Children’s Resource Center.  With your generous monthly donation, we will be able to continue to care for, feed, and educate our wonderful children.

With this new program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get to know more of our students.
  • Rather than getting several letters a year from one child, you will get several letters from different children.  This will help you better understand our student population and have the opportunity to open your heart to more children who need your love and support.
  • This program will also give our kids the opportunity to understand how much love and support they are receiving from people they may never meet.

We invite you to join our community of people who recognize the importance of education in a child’s life.  We believe that as the community comes together it will allow us to create and maintain a school that will help grow our children’s future.  Your monthly donation is part of something bigger.  By putting it together with others’ contributions, we can truly see the miracle of community.