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Our expeditions are structured to provide a life-changing experience suitable for ages 8 to 85. An expedition to Zambia with us includes:

Personal Growth

Become better acquainted with the best version of YOU as you open your heart to the power of love through participation in daily “Knowing Love Works” personal development classes and activities.

Expeditions volunteer in Zambia sitting on the ground and painting nails with little girls in Zambia.

Humanitarian Service

“A chance to play is a chance to heal” so come kick a soccer ball. Read a book to a child. Work on our farm. Have a heart-to-heart conversation. Serve with us and you will learn to see yourself and others deeply.

Kids in Zambia running in a circle and performing a program for expedition team members.

Cultural Exchange

Come experience drumming and dancing, local food and handmade crafts. Deepen your compassion for humanity as you sit in Zambian homes, walk Zambian streets, and realize we’re more alike than we are different.


Join us in 2024!

Our two-week-long expeditions take place between May and July. Applicants will be contacted when 2024 dates are determined.

*Contact expeditions@motherswithoutborders.org with questions*


What is knowing love works?

The Mothers Without Borders experience in Zambia is unique because it partners personal growth with humanitarian service.

We believe that the path to changing the world begins by looking within ourselves and living a life inspired by love rather than fear.

To accomplish this, we spend the first 90 minutes of the day as a team in meditation and training. This training is guided by the “Knowing Love Works” master class which has been licensed exclusively to Mothers Without Borders.

Experiencing the difficult reality of life in Zambia while on a team will allow you to go to a place of vulnerability in a way that will prepare your heart for real growth and change. Our highly trained team leaders & trainers lead with love and create a space for you to journey inside your heart and discover your best self.


The program fee for an expedition is $2,950.


This fee includes lodging, airport pickup if you arrive with the team, transportation within Zambia during the team experience, food, project supplies, staff costs, and a large donation directly to the programs we support in Zambia.

Not Included:

This fee does NOT include flights*, visas, passports, spending money, and transportation costs outside of the scheduled pickup and drop-off times. This also does not include any leisure travel you may decide to tack onto the end of your trip.

*Flights range from $2,000-2,800. The program fee and airfare range does not include optional leisure travel costs.

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JessikaTeam Member
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"To go out each day and hug, hold, and listen to so many people is worth every penny. I was able to see firsthand how happiness comes from loving the people around you, not from what you have."
MelissaDirector of Expeditions & Team Leader
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"Zambia has helped me to learn who I am. I come back from my time each year a better person and desiring to be a greater contributor in my community here."
JeromeTeam Member
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"Because of Mothers Without Borders, one more child can have a meal, one more child can sleep in a comfortable bed, one more child has clean clothes to wear, and one more child can have a safe place to call home."
ShellyTeam Leader & Staff Member
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"Oh, how I miss the people I met in Zambia! Words cannot describe the wonderful experience a MWB expeditions is! It should be a required life experience."
TeriTeam Member
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"The friendships and experiences have changed my life forever. While I was there I saw many hardships, struggles, and heartaches, but amongst all of it, I also saw immense laughter, love, and joy."
CarrieTeam Member
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"During my time in Zambia, I learned that I am not my story. 'Circumstances do not determine our attitudes.' This expedition rejuvenated my soul and increased my resolve to let my light shine in the face of adversity."
AmandaTeam Member
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"My life is forever changed. I am happier with myself, and more content with the world around me. I love better and my heart grows. I am more compassionate and less judgmental."
TessTeam Member
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"I think most people would agree with the statement that you gain much more from this experience than you give. I gave money, service, and time to the people of Zambia, but I gained an immeasurable amount of wisdom and love from the people."
BrittaTeam Member
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"I knew I wouldn't be able to imagine what my experience would be like in Zambia, so I really never tried. After having seen things how they really are, I know that words can't even describe it; it must be experienced first hand. I learned more about love in two weeks than I have in my life until then."