Sample Itinerary


A typical day on an expedition in Zambia:

7-8:50 AM – Shower, dress, breakfast, prepare items you will need to take with you for the day, pack your backpack, etc. Optional: Yoga

8:50-10:30 AM – Meditation, preparation for the day’s activities and the morning training meeting where we learn principles from the “Love Works” curriculum licensed exclusively to Mothers Without Borders.

10:30 AM-5 PM – Humanitarian Service & Cultural Exchange activities at various locations depending on the day (see section below for locations).

5-6:30 PM – Dinner, cleaning dishes, chatting, journaling, showers.

6:30-8:30 PM – Team meeting to share awakenings and insights from the day.

8:30-10 PM – Personal time & showers.

10 PM – Bedtime!


Our volunteers visit several of our partner organizations. A typical experience may include the following locations:

  • A traditional African village
  • A street kid’s drop-in center
  • Our Children’s Resource Center
  • The Carol Zulu Primary School
  • The compound where many of the locals live in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia
  • A traditional artisan’s market
  • Partner orphan care centers