Who can volunteer?

Our volunteers range in age from 12-72! They have been students, doctors, teachers, moms, dads, boy scouts, social workers, nurses, mechanics, librarians, grandmothers and dentists. And many more too numerous to mention! If you are under the age of 18, you will need to have a parent accompany you; this is a great experience for families!

What type of volunteer opportunities do you offer?

We offer Service Expeditions. They are 15 days in length and the dates are determined by MWB. Team members are selected by our Expedition Leaders. A team is typically made up of 15-20 men, women and teenagers. Expeditions travel together, work together, stay in a boarding house or in a dorm at one of our program sites and share meals together. The team is led by experienced Team Leaders. We arrange travel, housing, meals and work sites. For more details click here.

How much does it cost to participate in an expedition?

$2,700 PLUS the cost of airfare, (which varies throughout the year). Your $2,700 program fee will cover your lodging, food, water, ground transportation and work supplies. You may elect to add on an adventure experience such as a safari or trip to Victoria Falls at the end of your trip at your own expense. We can offer suggestions and contacts so you can make arrangements before you leave the US.

What other expenses will I incur that are NOT covered in the $2,700 program fee?

Passport, visa, shots, travel medications, souvenirs, leisure travel at the end of the expedition, laundry, sodas, tips.

How do I apply to be a team member?

You can apply by clicking here and submitting your application. All applications are reviewed monthly and you will be contacted by a team leader, usually within 30 days of our receipt of your application. Bear in mind that in the summer we are all in Zambia, so if we receive your application between May-July, you may not hear from us until September.

Is there a deadline for submitting applications?

Not really, but the teams fill up quickly so don’t delay. Usually the summer teams are full by January, but sometimes a spot opens up as late as April.

How often do you schedule expeditions?

Typically we offer one or two trips in the late spring and three to four in the summer. The schedule varies from year to year, based on demand so please check the website for current postings.

What types of things will I be doing on an expedition?

Some activities our volunteers have participated in include:

  • Teaching music, art, recreation, hygiene, first aid, and HIV/AIDS
  • awareness/prevention to children
  • Simple construction projects like building a one room school
  • Building raised gardens and teaching square foot gardening, food preservation and nutrition to women in villages
  • Assisting villagers with agriculture, painting, plumbing, and simple household repairs
  • Holding, feeding and caring for preemie babies in the hospital
  • Training village members in water & sanitation, literacy, sewing, knitting, crocheting, small business and retail opportunities

Volunteer tasks are matched with the interests and expertise of team members so each expedition may have a slightly different focus.

Is the expedition safe?

Zambia is a very peaceful and stable country.  In addition, Zambia was completely unaffected by last year’s Ebola crisis.  The nearest Ebola case was almost 2900 miles away from Zambia.  To put that in perspective, the distance from coast to coast of the United States is about 2100 miles!

In addition to being in a peaceful country, we do everything we can to keep our volunteers safe by only taking them to places we know are safe for them and ensuring that we always stay together as a group.  In over 20 years of taking volunteers with us we have never had anyone sustain a serious injury.

How do I raise money for my volunteer experience?

We can provide a sponsor letter which you can give to friends, family, businesses and co-workers. MWB is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. 100% of the money raised in your behalf goes towards your trip costs. Some volunteers have held garage sales, car washes, service auctions, and fun runs to cover trip costs. Others have received funds from local Rotary, Lions, Kiwanas and other service clubs.

Will there be an opportunity for leisure while I'm there?

Yes! Though it is not included in your official itinerary, if you like you will have the opportunity to see more of Africa by going on a safari or to Victoria Falls with some of your team mates after the team experience is over.  Leisure travel is completely optional and is not included in the price of the expedition.

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