Create A Custom Plan

Before you start your fundraising, contact Tanner at (801) 607-5641 or to get pointers and create a custom plan using the resources below.

Letters & Emails

One of the most successful ways to fundraise for your trip is to email or send letters.
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Many corporations will match money that you donate!

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Why are they so great? Because they charge NO fees!

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Over 70% of our volunteers fundraise! Read some of their success stories here.

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20 MoreIdeas

We’ve compiled some of our favorite fundraising ideas!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? The answer might be here! If not, contact Tanner.

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Sending Letters and Emails


Make a list

Make a list of everyone you can think of from family and friends to co-workers and your mail carrier. (See the detailed description at left for more people to add.)

Get the Word Out

Using our email and letter templates (which we'll send to you once you are placed on a team), send your heartfelt request with instructions on how to donate.

Follow Up Repeatedly

Follow up with every single person via email, text or phone call. Most people don't donate right away even when they intend to donate. This is a vital step. One of our volunteers raised over $8000 doing JUST this fundraiser.

Corporate Matching Money

Many large corporations match charitable contributions.

Very Effective

If you or a close relative work for a company that matches your donations, you could end up paying only half of the fee! Also, make sure to ask friends who donate if their company will match their donation.


“When I found out my family member’s company matched donations, it cut the cost in half and made this trip possible!”  -Shelly

Facebook Fundraisers

No Fees

Facebook doesn’t take any of the money you raise for registered non-profits.

Easy To Use

Just a few clicks and your fundraiser is set up.


Because it’s available on cell phones, tablets, and computers, people can donate immediately, with just a couple of clicks.

Integrated Birthday Giving

You can integrate a Birthday Give with easy to use templates.

Success Stories

Rivkah raised all of the money for her expedition in less than 1 month! She used a combination of letters, emails and showing up on the doorstep of people she knew might be interested.

I raised over $8,000 in just a couple of weeks by sending letters and emails. It was easy and I could have raised more if I hadn’t had to pack my bags and get on the flight to Zambia.

KirstenTeam Member

Kaitlyn utilized her skills and talents for her fundraising. For example, she is an expert quilt maker and made quilts which she sold or auctioned off.

Karli used a variety of methods to raise all of her fees. She used matching money, did a kids camp, held a large garage sale, sent letters and did errands for friends.

More Fundraising Ideas

Here are a few to get you started:
Garage Sales

Collect items from friends and neighbors and have a giant sale!

Bingo or Movie Night

Host a Bingo or movie night at a school or community center. Sell treats and charge a ticket price.

Donations Instead of Gifts

Ask friends and family to consider donating to your trip instead of giving presents at the holidays or birthdays.

Fun Run

Raise money, awareness and your heart rate at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising

Is it possible to fundraise enough to cover the entire amount of my expedition?

Yes! Every year we have volunteers who raise the entire amount, including airfare.

What is the most successful method of fundraising?

It really depends on the person which is why we HIGHLY recommend creating a personal fundraising plan with Tanner. In general, those who send emails and letters and then follow up consistently have the greatest success.

What if I fundraise more than I need?

If you fundraise more than the amount of both your program fee and your airfare, then the extra will go towards one of our programs in Zambia such as sponsoring a child in school or feeding a child.

How long will it take to raise the money?

It really depends on the person and circumstance. We have had people raise the money in as little as 3 weeks and some people take a year or more. Don’t let time stop you. If you put together a plan with Tanner, you will be amazed at the miracles that can happen!

It seems impossible to raise this much money. Can I really do it?

Absolutely! We have had everyone from high school students to busy working moms raise some or all of the money they need. If you get discouraged, reach out to Tanner for ideas and encouragement!

Is a Facebook Fundraiser a good option?

It can be a great option. Facebook doesn’t charge you a fee when you raise money for a registered non-profit like Mothers Without Borders. It’s a very convenient way for your friends and family to give right when they are thinking about it. Facebook recommends posting the link in private messages to all your friends as the most effective way of raising money.

Also, their “Birthday” fundraisers alone (where your friends and family donate to your cause instead of giving you presents or taking you for lunch) have raised over $300 million for charity as of August 2018. It really works!

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! All donations are deductible as allowed by law. Mothers Without Borders will issue a donation receipt to everyone who includes an email address with their donation.