Sustainability Partners

We partner with powerful organizations who share our vision of hope, love, and commitment to being part of the change. Each of these partners contributes significantly to ensuring our ability to create long-term, sustainable programs serving orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia.

Be That Girl Foundation

Dream Without Limits

In 2020, Mothers Without Borders partnered with the Be That Girl Foundation to create a new program—the MWB Be That Girl Program—that is dedicated to empowering women ages 14-24 to reach their dreams. The Be That Girl Foundation supports girls and young women to help them ``dream without limits`` and realize their individual dreams. They are committed to helping women reach their dreams and partner with organizations who are also focused on this holistic, individualized approach. They place a special focus on helping women to develop self-reliance and self-determination.

Freedom Solutions

Hair Care

In 2020 Mothers Without Borders partnered with Freedom Solutions—a argon oil hair care company based in Germany who shares our passion for advocating for sustainable change throughout the world. Freedom Solutions donates 2% of all their profits to Mothers Without Borders to further our work in Zambia.

Green Smoothie Girl

Robyn Openshaw

Robyn Openshaw—the Green Smoothie Girl—has been involved with Mothers Without Borders for over 10 years. In addition to her family personally joining us for our Love Works expeditions to Zambia, Robyn has inspired her followers to join us in our mission toward inspiring hope in the lives of children in Zambia. The Green Smoothie Girl donates a portion of all proceeds, has matched donations, and is continually a voice for change in her community—inspiring others to join the MWB family.

Light Haven Gallery

Images of Christ by Liz Lemon Swindle

Tommy Bahamas


Mfuwe Lodge

Safari Lodge

Business Partners

We partner with powerful brands and businesses who share our our vision of hope and help us to carry out our initiatives for creating meaningful change for our kids in Zambia.

Zero Rez

San Diego & San Francisco Bay Area

Print Runner

High Quality Printing for Less

Override Films

Professional Video Production

Interested in getting your organization involved?

Here are a few ways you can partner with Mothers Without Borders:


Contribute to our programs and commit to being a part of our ongoing mission to serve orphaned and vulnerable children. Donations help us change more lives—find out different ways that you can donate today!


Inspire your customers, employees, and community to become a member of our ZamFam. Help us share our vision with the world and inspire your friends to support the same causes that you love.


Sponsor one of our upcoming community outreach events, like Donorpalooza or our annual Gala! Get a taste of what Africa is like, or even better—join us on one of upcoming expeditions!

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