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We wear MWB tshirts every day, we will provide you with 2 shirts. If you want more than 2 you can purchase them separately.

We want you to have the best experience possible!  In order to prepare properly we ask you to answer some general questions about your health.  We've had team members ranging from ages 8 to 80, so we believe you can come!  Please answer honestly and completely.


The team experiences at Mothers Without Borders are not drub and alcohol rehabilitation experiences.  If you are recreational drug dependent, we ask that you be clean for 30 days before joining us.  If you use tobacco, you will be required to wear a nicotine patch, or have quit for 30 days.  We stay together as a team, so there are no opportunities to obtain alcohol while you are with us.

II. As you answer the following questions, please remember there are no right or wrong answers. Please complete all of the questions. Feel free to keep answers brief but informative. Because this is a Master Class, based on principles of Personal Growth, we want to know how we can make this experience work best for you.

III. Please complete the following sentences: (please be candid!)

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