Testimonials of volunteers who have been on an expedition to Zambia, Africa! Since the expeditions began in 2001, there have been hundreds of volunteers from Canada, England and the United States who have joined these trips to Zambia, Africa. Listen to what they say about this experience.



During my MWB expedition to Zambia, I learned that I am not my story. We are all bigger than our stories. “Circumstances do not determine our attitudes.” “We are all capable of getting godliness within us so that we can create heaven upon this earth.” “We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us, it is in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we give others permission to do the same.” Everyone I met in Zambia was a living example that each of these statements is true. This expedition rejuvenated my soul and increased the strength I need to not only endure, but the resolve to let my light shine in the face of adversity.



Because of Mothers without Borders one more child can have a meal three times a day, one more child can sleep in a comfortable bed and not worry about sleeping in a culvert, one more child has clean clothes to wear, one more child can get the medicine they need, one more child is given the opportunity to reach their dream and one more child can have a safe place to call home. There is no greater gift I've taken from my visits to Zambia than the strength and the love of her people. Umitima wanji uli mu Zambia ishta yonse (My heart is in Zambia forever).



I am so grateful I was able to go and be a small part of the organization Mothers Without Borders. Just to go out each day hug, hold, and listen to so many people is worth every penny. I was able to let go of the world for a few weeks and really focus on what is truly important. I thought I knew the definition of poverty, but I was wrong. I gained a whole new meaning while in Africa. I strongly encourage everyone and anyone to go! It was truly a safe environment and each day I was able to have experiences that I could not have been a part of any other way. I received far more from this journey than I could have ever expected. It was truly an indescribable experience. I made life time friends, and I was able to see first hand how happiness comes from loving the people around you not from what you have.



Going to Zambia opened my eyes to what the pure love of Christ really means. I didn't realize how quickly my heart would fill to overflowing with a sincere love for these wonderful people I just met. How quickly they accepted me and loved me just the way I am - flaws and all. They took me into their hearts, so I couldn't help but take them into mine! Even in their most humble of circumstances, they offered me the only thing they could offer - their pure love. Now that I'm home, it's my goal to care for those around me here the same way I was cared for in Africa. As Kathy always reminded us, ``Love works! And it's the only thing that does!``



Oh how I miss the people I met in Zambia!! Kennedy's funny jokes, Mwewa's beautiful smile, Diana's sweet hugs, Irene's contagious giggle, chats with Anthony! The people I meet there each time I go stay in my heart! It seems almost every day that into my mind pops a picture or memory of one of my Zambian friends. Words cannot describe the wonderful experience a MWB expedition is! It should be a required life experience.



Going to Zambia with MWB have truly been a “Journey of the Heart”. The friendship and experiences have changed my life forever. While I was there I saw many hardships, struggles and heartaches, but amongst all of it, I also saw immense laughter, love and joy. The Zambian people, street kids, and the children at the CRC, have taught me how to love instantly, unconditionally, deeply and to have stronger strength in Faith when that’s all there is left. Every day I think of them, reminding me to love and see all that is around me through different eyes and an open heart. I miss them all greatly. I “Believe that things can Change” here, over there and all around us through the gift of love.



I think most people would agree with the statement that you gain much more from this experience than you give. I would say I gave a large amount of money, service and time to the people of Zambia, but I gained an unmeasurable amount of wisdom and love from the people. The children love so freely and the people live life with a grace and wisdom that one can only fully recognize in person. My trip with Mother's Without Borders changed my life without a doubt. I will NEVER forget the tender moments I shared with the orphans and streetkids. Every day, I remember the faces of those who endure poverty, yet haven't given up hope.



It is difficult for me to describe my short time in Zambia. My life is forever changed, as long as I continue to allow myself to feel. I am happier with myself, and more content with the world around me. I was careful to journal the things I saw, felt, and learned. As I re-read my journal now, I learn new things from my time there. My heart is touched in different ways. I love better and my heart grows. I am a better mother to those around me. I learn to be more compassionate and less judgmental. I hope to never stop growing in the ways I have learned to grow while I was in Zambia. I will always give more, love better, and continue to learn to trust in God. We are all His children. He wants us to take care of each other, just like I ask my children to do. In the end, He is over all, He knows all, and what better place to be than in His hands?



Mothers without borders changed my life forever. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Africa and the loving people. I learned to have hope, to look up, and to know that my problems are minuscule considering what other people go through. I am grateful for mothers without borders and the safety, security and love it provides for the children of Africa.



My trip to Zambia was a life-changing experience and I am so thankful I was blessed to be able to travel and take time to understand the Zambian people. My favorite learning experience from the people was ``smile and the world smiles with you.``



Going to Zambia I didn't have any preconceived notions. I knew I wouldn't be able to imagine it so I really never tried. After having seen things how they really are, coming home and talking about it, I know that words can't even describe it, it must be experienced first hand. I learned more about love in two weeks than I have in my life until then.

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