Kathy Headlee Miner

Kathy Headlee is the founder of Mothers Without Borders and has been involved with relief and community service work since 1989. She has organized and implemented community development projects and volunteer expeditions to Romania, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Bolivia, Taiwan, Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, the U.S., Zambia, and Zimbabwe. She and her husband Phillip spend several months a year living in Africa where they oversee a variety of projects from MWB Regional HQ in Lusaka. Kathy is the mother of 7 children, 2 stepchildren and the grandmother of 10.

Kathy Headlee has spoken to audiences and conducted training on subjects ranging from The Role of Women as Agents for Social Change at the United Nations to Mobilizing the Power of Your Community to community leaders in Uganda to The Power of Love and Kindness to Change Your World at a software development company. She has spoken to and trained groups of all sizes from around the globe in a variety of settings, and created and taught curriculum for personal and professional growth entitled ‘Knowing Love Works’.

Whether you want her to speak to very small groups or large auditoriums of people, Kathy is a dynamic speaker with the power to motivate and change lives.

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