Inspiring Hope

In 2000, our founder, Kathy, met Mrs. Beatrice Chola and was immediately impressed by her kindness, goodness, and humility. Beatrice had left her nursing job to set up a small clinic to slow the spread of Tuberculosis. However, she could see that Tuberculosis was only one in a complex web of problems creating immense suffering. With the vision and foresight of a great leader, she created a network of community health workers, volunteers, teachers, and caregivers and named her local organization
‘Bwafwano’—which in the local language means, people helping people.

Rooted in shared values and commitment to community-based programming, our partnership with Beatrice Chola and Bwafwano allows us to work with the community to identify the most pressing needs, assess all possible sources of relief, and then help fill the gaps that are left. Currently, we sponsor the community school’s daily lunch which provides food for 1,200 children and staff every day. This partnership is a 22 year testament to the power of love, connection, and community. Of this partnership Kathy said, “We all need someone in our corner that, when we ask for help, we know they will show up. That’s what keeps hope alive. I decided that Mothers Without Borders would be that for the Bwafwano community and Beatrice Chola.”


The Chicken Project

As we continue to work in communities devastated by drought and poverty, creating sustainable solutions is of the utmost importance. We are grateful for kind-hearted,

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