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Take a look at what your monthly sponsorship can do:


$30 / month
Sponsor a Student

Cover all the costs of school continuously for 1 student in the Mothers Without Borders Community School. Includes school fees, uniform costs, textbook costs, and daily lunch for one student.

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$50 / month
Sponsor a Healthy Diet

Feed 3 meals every day to a child that lives at our Children’s Resource Center (CRC) in Zambia and enables the child to grow and develop.

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$100 / month
Sponsor a Teacher

Make it possible to bring on additional teachers and educate more students. Each teacher is responsible for about 15 to 20 students in their classroom.


$250 / month
Sponsor School Lunch

Feed 250 students at our school a hearty lunch every single day. Many of our students come from local villages with little food and lunch at our school is often the only meal they get each day.

Or, give monthly where it’s needed most:


From $10 / month and up
Where it’s Needed Most

Your monthly donation helps ensure that we can continue our work of helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia. We will put your monthly gift to where it’s needed most to successfully accomplish our mission.



Membership in the Miracle of Community

Current number of members in the Miracle of Community:

115 / 500

23 %


We have been building our the new Mothers Without Borders Community School for a couple of months now. When it is finished we will eventually be able to increase the student population of our school from 120 to 500.

In preparation for this we are working to get enough monthly sponsors in place to support the significant increase in enrollment. Your membership in this community helps make this possible!


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