Mothers Without Borders empowers women by:

  • Creating women’s clubs in villages to build a community of support

  • Offering literacy, small business, village banking and skills training

  • Sponsoring women in furthering their education towards specific career goals

  • Creating and supporting Community Sewing Clubs, teaching women sewing and crocheting so they can earn money to support their children

Community Sewing Clubs: For a small yearly membership fee, the amount of which is determined by the individual club, women may join the sewing club.  All dues and fees are kept within the club. Once they are members they can participate in twice weekly meetings where they learn sewing skills from senior members or the club.  10% of their profits go into a community fund and after two years of membership, the women can take out small interest bearing loans from the fund in order to fund income-generating projects.  In addition, the membership fees and part of the profits are used for women who have a sudden need, such as the death of a loved one.  In this way, the women provide both emotional and financial support for each other.