Thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children go hungry every day in Africa. Local communities struggle to provide for the growing number of orphans living in their midst. As a result, many children are forced to scavenge for food in trashcans and alleys, beg, or engage in prostitution.

Mothers Without Borders provides free school lunch for the 120 children currently attending their school. The caregivers at the CRC use food from the school’s gardens and other local items to prepare the meals. For many of these children, it may be their one meal they receive that day. 

A sample menu plan for lunch for the week may be something like the following:

  • Monday – Nshima and Beans
  • Tuesday – Nshima and Cabbage
  • Wednesday – Nshima and Beans
  • Thursday – Nshima and Cabbage
  • Friday – Nshima and Chicken

The children are very grateful for the meal. They line up on their own. They take their plate and are given a serving of food by the caregivers. The chidlren gather in bunches around the school and visit as they eat. A remarkable thing is what happens after they finish their lunch. First, there is never any food left on the plate to throw away. Second, each child takes his plate over to the outside kitchen, washes it and stacks them nicely to be used the following day.