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We envision a day where every community is supported in their efforts to develop solutions to the problems that place their children in crisis.

Mothers Without Borders offers hope in developing countries by:

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Strengthening Communities

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Empowering Women & Youth

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Caring for the Most Vulnerable


The HIV/AIDS epidemic and effects of intergenerational poverty have left over 1 million children in Zambia to face the harsh realities of life on their own.

In Zambia, 1 in every 15 people is an orphaned child under the age of 18—resulting in grandmothers raising many children and young children assuming the responsibilities of caring for their families. Thousands of households are headed by a child and 59.4% of children live in poverty.

In communities with high rates of orphaned and vulnerable children, it is common for children to drop out of school or turn to sex trafficking to earn money. These children, stuck in a cycle of poverty, are extremely vulnerable to abuse, food insecurity, sickness, and even death.


For over 20 years, Mothers Without Borders has worked in Zambia to address the orphan crisis.

The problems these communities face are complex and far reaching. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions led by individuals who reside in these communities, above all we value local wisdom. 

We address the orphan crisis from multiple angles and invest in the long term development of those we serve by working together with communities to identify their needs and opportunities for growth—fostering individual and community self-reliance.


Our approach is both holistic and individualized as we work to nurture an individual’s physical, emotional, and mental development. This empowers each person we interact with to become the best version of themselves as they pursue their dreams. Love is at the center of all we do and is essential to empowering each individual to reach their potential.

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Local Wisdom

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Individual Development

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Self-Reliance & Conscious Living

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The Power of Love

“Whatever challenge, crisis, heartache, or loss is present for you now, knowing love works will bring you the peace you seek and lead you to the space to grow into the highest, best version of yourself. Then you are able to handle any challenge and welcome what is right here, right now with the generosity, curiosity, and grace that is already in you. This is your journey of the heart.”

- Kathy Headlee, Founder




We value local wisdom and support local solutions to local problems.



We value individual development and create programs focused on self-reliance.



We value the power of love and see every child as an individual of infinite worth.