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Empowering Women in Zambia

Each woman has a unique story and a unique journey toward a better life. We believe in empowering women to reach their dreams.

Who is Mothers Without Borders?

For over 20 years, Mothers Without Borders has been offering hope to women and children.

We focus our work in Zambia, Africa where we partner with and support local organizations, empower women, and care for the most vulnerable children. We provide food, housing, and education for children while also offering adult caregivers literacy and business skills training.

Why Women Empowerment?

The Zambian government has asked Mothers Without Borders to expand our Women’s Empowerment programs to East Lusaka because of the high prevalence of the marriage of young girls, even as young as 11 years old. The beneficiaries of this program include 120 girls considered high risk for teenage pregnancy and 50 women in this same community who have expressed sincere desire for a women’s community group. Many of these women experience domestic violence, have spouses that are engaging in addictive behaviors, or have physical and/or mental health challenges.

The local village chief has donated 20 acres of land to a women’s group and has approved Mothers Without Borders to launch the program. To begin helping these women & girls, we need to construct a community center.

What does your donation do?

The primary purpose of our Women’s Empowerment Program is to empower girls and women in the East Lusaka area to:

  1. become more educated, skilled, and financially independent through business and job skill training
  2. provide a safe space for women to discuss and learn about mental health and wellness, healthy relationships, social issues- especially related to domestic violence and abuse- agriculture and farming, physical health and nutrition, & HIV prevention and treatment
  3. Encourage each woman to dream and do what we
    can to help them have the self-determination to reach for those dreams.

Your donation goes to support the women in our empowerment clubs in Zambia. We believe that each woman has a unique journey to self-reliance.  Our holistic approach to serving our women includes more than just financial support. We offer:

  • Love & Hope
  • Safety & Healing
  • Family
  • Education & Technical Training
  • Independence and Self Reliance
  • Opportunity to Dream