Women & Youth

Empowering Women & Youth

We empower women & youth through education and mentorship programs to enable them to be change agents for themselves and their communities.

why empower women & youth?

At the center of these vulnerable communities are the women and youth who are disproportionately affected by the struggles their communities face.

We are committed to the well-being of these women and youth—and know that they have a powerful potential to become advocates for generational change. In Zambia, women continue to have higher rates of HIV/AIDS and illiteracy than men. 

Only 50.8% of girls complete primary school and only 27% complete secondary school. 29% of girls in Zambia are married by age 18—meaning that Zambia has the 27th highest rate of child marriages in the world. These conditions contribute to an ongoing cycle of poverty, illiteracy, poor health outcomes, and high rates of child marriages and teen pregnancies. 

For more than 20 years, our programs have focused on empowering and preparing each individual we serve to face challenges with confidence and self-determination. We provide youth with education and mentorship from women and men who have faced their own challenges with courage, grace, and determination. The women in our empowerment clubs receive business skills training, literacy classes, and access to microloans. 

We continue to see that while empowerment and educational success are intertwined for an individual, that same individual can empower their friends, family, and community.

We value individual development and create programs focused on self-reliance.

our impact

Our programs continue to grow each month because of the generosity of people, like you, who are committed to being part of the change. Currently there are:

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Help us empower women & youth, and give hope today.