About our School

As of January 2020, The Carol Zulu Primary School has 525 students currently enrolled.

In a country where only 60% of 7th grade test scores are passing, we have maintained a 100% pass rate since we opened in 2010.

The Carol Zulu Story

When she was first introduced to 12 year old Carol Zulu, Kathy Headlee had no idea that her life had just been forever changed.  Carol was a bright, happy 12 year old, who, due to abuse, malnutrition, and disease, was seriously ill.  Despite her challenges, Carol was a light to all who met her.  Kathy took Carol back to the Mothers Without Borders facility in Lusaka, Zambia where she could be in a safe, loving environment.  Though she was only with MWB for 3 years before dying due to complications of HIV/AIDS, Carol left a legacy of love, forgiveness, and joy in the face of adversity.

Carol understood the importance of education.  Before she died, she repeatedly made Kathy promise that Mothers Without Borders would build a school where Carol’s cousins, siblings, and friends could all get an education.

Mothers Without Borders has named our new school the Carol Zulu Primary School in honor of the promise Kathy made to Carol. Through the generous donations of many, our school is equipped with curriculum designed to assist in rapid advancement of the students.

Father’s & Kids Camping – Middle East

In April 2019 a group of 60 volunteers associated with Fathers & Kids Camping Middle East came to Zambia and built a new classroom block and installed a solar power system. They also painted beautiful murals on several of the existing buildings.

With the completion of this last classroom block we are preparing to launch an adult literacy program for the parents of our students.

The Next Phase of Construction

We are seeking $75,000 to build a school auditorium

The open-air auditorium will allow the entire student body to fit in one space and provide a place for full school learning experiences, as well as community activities for the parents of our students and other local residents.