Sample Itinerary

Our volunteers visit several of our partner organizations. A typical experience may include the following locations:

  • A traditional African village
  • A street kid’s drop-in center
  • Our Children’s Resource Center
  • The Carol Zulu Primary School
  • The compound where many of the locals live in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia
  • A traditional artisan’s market and a fabric store

Daily Schedule

7-8:50 AM – Shower, dress, breakfast, prepare items you will need to take with you for the day, pack your backpack, etc. Optional: Yoga
8:50-10:30 AM – Meditation, preparation for the day’s activities and the morning training meeting where we learn principles from the “Love Works” curriculum licensed exclusively to Mothers Without Borders.
10:30 AM-5 PM Humanitarian Service & Cultural Exchange Activity – various locations depending on the day (see section above for locations)
5-6:30 PM – Dinner, cleaning dishes, chatting, journaling, showers.
6:30-8:30 PM – Team Meeting: share awakenings, insights from the day.
8:30-10 PM – Personal time & showers.
10 PM – Bedtime!

Volunteers on Special Projects Teams:

Volunteers on Special Projects teams (like sewing or construction teams) will have a similar schedule but without the “Knowing Love Works” training and will have shortened evening meetings. Please be aware that Special Projects teams do not visit all the locations above but will still get a great overview of life in Zambia.