Sponsor Children, Receive a Stocking

We are like the of global orphan work. We connect people who have big hearts on this side of the world with the opportunity to impact the lives of vulnerable children in Africa who need it most.

When you sign up as a monthly donor this holiday season you will receive a stocking representing one of the many children your donation supports.

Each stocking includes:

  • a picture of a child in the MWB family
  • a letter from that same child
  • an I AM THE CHANGE bumper sticker
  • a welcome letter from our team

What does my monthly donation do?

Our monthly giving family helps fund all of our programs in Africa. The child on your stocking is a representation of one of the many children your donation supports. Your monthly gift allows us to house, clothe, educate, empower, provide clean water to, love, and provide hope to hundreds of children every day.

How much should I give?

It doesn’t matter if you can give $10 a month or $10,000… what matters is that you step up and do what you can.  When each member of the MWB family does their part, we can collectively reach millions of children in need.

How do I get my stocking?

If you are already a monthly donor and would like a stocking – email and we will send you one.

If you are not a monthly donor yet – sign up today! We can either ship you the stocking or you can come see us at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain this holiday season and pick it out. We will be at the booth next to the line to see Santa Clause.

What you can expect when you join our monthly giving family:

  • A Child Sponsorship Stocking.
  • Letters from various children in Zambia a couple times each year.
  • Emails when we start or complete a new project or when important things are happening in our community.
  • Tickets for your family to DonorPalooza, our annual “Thank You” event. Held in Utah in August.
  • Emailed receipts for each tax-deductible donation.

How do I purchase Chicken Greeting Cards?

So glad you asked! Click this link to see all the holiday greeting cards.