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Kathy Headlee


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e: kathy@motherswithoutborders.org

Tanner Crandall

Director of Development

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e: tanner@motherswithoutborders.org

Zambia Team


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Volunteer Board

Kathy Headlee


Kathy Headlee is the founder of Mothers Without Borders and has been involved with relief and community service work since 1989. She has organized and implemented community development projects and volunteer expeditions to Romania, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Bolivia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. She and her husband Phillip spend several months a year living in Africa where they oversee a variety of projects from MWB Regional HQ in Lusaka. Kathy is the mother of 7 children, and grandmother of 5.

April and Keven Jensen

Board Chair

April and Keven Jensen owned and operated Professional Management Group Inc., a healthcare practice management and billing company, for 25 years. This is a physician services organization that serves physicians throughout the intermountain and western United States. Keven has served on the Select Health Board of Trustees since 2006.They live in Sandy, Utah and are the parents of 5 children and have 2 grandchildren. They took their family to Lusaka, Zambia for an expedition in the summer of 2009 and were touched by the wonderful children and are committed to providing the children with improved opportunities of food, clothing, housing, education and healthcare.

Shayne Stokes

Board Member

Shayne is a pediatrician who is currently living in San Antonio, Texas. HIV and the impact of the AIDS epidemic have been one of his main interests. He has been involved with several different non-governmental organizations providing humanitarian medical outreach in Honduras, Mongolia, Burma, and India. Shayne first joined Mothers Without Borders as a team member and has since been back to Zambia several times as a team leader. He loves working with the kids and staff at the Children’s Resource Center. He and his wife Allison are the parents of 4 children.

Allison Stokes

Board Member

Allison has been passionate about helping Mothers Without Borders since she first visited Zambia as a volunteer team member. She had previously done volunteer work in Burma and India and was initially drawn to Mothers Without Borders out of her love for and desire to help children. She has since been to Zambia many times and continues to serve as a team leader on volunteer expeditions. She loves the children of Zambia. She leads a support group for Mothers Without Borders in San Antonio and chairs the annual San Antonio fundraising auction. She currently lives with her husband and 4 children in San Antonio, Texas.

Linda Williams

Board Member

Linda Williams first became interested in MWB after seeing the impact and change of heart that happened to her daughter who served as a volunteer. She wanted to experience this herself and joined MWB as a volunteer team member in 2016. The children of Africa captured her heart and she is committed to giving back to the Zambian people through this amazing organization.

Linda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She currently owns a private practice in Saratoga California where she provides therapy for children, adults and families. She also works in Los Gatos Union School District as a school psychologist providing specialized therapeutic and educational support services for school-age children. Linda is married to Mark Williams, is the mother of 4 children and grandmother of 3!

Bryan Holland

Board Member

Bryan has had a career as an entrepreneur for 30 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Tax from Brigham Young University. He has a law degree from the University of San Diego. Bryan operates a franchise in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area. He has a law practice and specializes in estate planning. Bryan enjoys doing service and has been involved in the scouting program for many years. Bryan’s passion for Mothers Without Borders came as he saw the changes in his children from their experiences in Zambia. In 2015 Bryan and Teresa enlisted their company nationwide to help with fund-raising efforts for the CRC. Bryan made his first trip to Zambia in 2015 and was able to understand how remarkable the people are and has made a commitment to work to help the organization there grow.

Teresa Holland

Board Member

Teresa has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Brigham Young University and owns a real estate company in San Diego. She loves to help people find homes for their families. Teresa’s passion for Mothers Without Borders began at a presentation Kathy made in San Diego where she shared the plight of orphan children in Zambia and the ravages of AIDS. Teresa decided to send her son on a team to Zambia. It changed his life for the better and her other three children went as well. Teresa became a team member in 2014 and experienced a life change for herself. She wanted to become more involved so she went as a team leader in 2015. She loves the children and staff at the Children’s Resource Center and is committed to building the center in Zambia.