To go out each day and hug, hold, and listen to so many people is worth every penny. I was able to see firsthand how happiness comes from loving the people around you, not from what you have.

JessikaTeam Member

Zambia has helped me to learn who I am. I come back from my time each year a better person and desiring to be a greater contributor in my community here.

MelissaTeam Leader and Board Member

Because of Mothers Without Borders, one more child can have a meal, one more child can sleep in a comfortable bed, one more child has clean clothes to wear, and one more child can have a safe place to call home.

JeromeTeam Member

More Testimonials

“Oh, how I miss the people I met in Zambia! Words cannot describe the wonderful experience a MWB expedition is! It should be a required life experience.”

ShellyTeam Leader and Staff Member

“The friendships and experiences have changed my life forever. While I was there I saw many hardships, struggles and heartaches, but amongst all of it, I also saw immense laughter, love and joy. ”

TeriTeam Member

“During my time in Zambia, I learned that I am not my story. “Circumstances do not determine our attitudes.” This expedition rejuvenated my soul and increased my resolve to let my light shine in the face of adversity.”

CarrieTeam Member

“My life is forever changed. I am happier with myself, and more content with the world around me. I love better and my heart grows. I am more compassionate and less judgmental.”

AmandaTeam Member

“I think most people would agree with the statement that you gain much more from this experience than you give. I gave money, service and time to the people of Zambia, but I gained an immeasurable amount of wisdom and love from the people. ”

TessTeam Member

“I knew I wouldn't be able to imagine what my experience would be like in Zambia, so I really never tried. After having seen things how they really are, I know that words can't even describe it; it must be experienced first hand. I learned more about love in two weeks than I have in my life until then.”

BrittaTeam Member