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Introducing the Village Drill

Mothers Without Borders is a non-profit organization working in Zambia, Africa where we work do develop communities and provide support for orphaned and vulnerable children. We partner with local organizations to provide food, housing, education and care for hundreds of children daily while also offering adult caregivers literacy and business skills training.


Clean water is the beginning of the transformation of a society. It immediately impacts sanitation, school attendance, community health, and leads to increased farming yields. In Zambia, access to clean water is extremely limited due to the high cost of drilling wells with large mechanical drill rigs.

The Village Drill, created by the organization, is a manually operated drill that requires no heavy machinery and reduces the cost of drilling to a fraction of traditional well costs.  Although countless organizations work every day to bring clean water to those who need it, most do so at an unsustainable cost. The Village Drill uses a team of 4-6 operators to manually drill a well in about 3 days. The drill can be broken down into parts for easy transportation, allowing access to nearly 100% of the population where drilling is possible.


We have purchased and tested a drill here in the USA and are preparing to ship it to Zambia. When it arrives we will dig several wells on our property and train a team of local technicians to operate the drill. We’ve raised the initial $60,000 to make this happen.


  • Immediately provide water for 500 Zambian families within the first year.
  • Provide employment for up to 5 families.
  • Drill up to 5 wells each year to provide potable water for vulnerable communities, impacting over 1,000 people each.


After we’ve trained a team of local technicians to operate the drill we will find local Zambian communities in need of a clean well and we will work with them to establish boreholes. This phase will require additional funding. More information will be added as it becomes available.